John W Doorly

“Is humanity in general, then, to continue to accept the belief that only material things can be classified as scientific, whereas the flow and operation of spiritual thought and idea, which is all-important and is really the substance of essential being cannot be so regarded?

Fortunately, many scientists frankly acknowledge that the fundamentals of our universe are in the final analysis to be found in the realm of thought and idea.

The vital question then arises for the thinker to consider: Can the ideas of reality and divinity [...] be approached on a truly scientific as well as spiritual basis?

Bearing in mind the real meaning of the term “science”, the author now proposes to advance the all-important proposition that the teachings of the Bible are truly scientific in the purest sense, and can be studied, understood, and proved practical as exact spiritual Science.

The author is convinced that the understanding of absolute truth as contained in the Bible will enable men to lay hold on and utilize a definite calculus of spiritual ideas, all expressing the nature of divine power and fundamental being. If it is recognized that Mind is the basic fact of everything in the universe, then it is clear that these spiritual ideas, when entertained, understood, and used, must necessarily be dynamic in human experience”

(From: God & Science by John W Doorly, Chapter 1)

This site contains information about the teachings of John W. Doorly (1878-1950), a Christian Science Practitioner, Teacher and Lecturer, a pioneer in the research of Christian Science and its practice as a pure Science of Christianity, also designated as the Science of Being.

In addition this site also contains information about the writings and recordings of Peggy M. Brook who was John W. Doorly’s secretary and scientific co-worker (1937-1950). She was the Director of the Foundational Book Company and Trustee for all the works of John W. Doorly. For more than sixty years she devoted her life to the study and practice of Christian Science as the Science of Being.

You will also find information about The John W. Doorly Trust, all publications by John W. Doorly, the publications and recordings by Peggy M. Brook, as well as publications by other authors working in the field of the Science of Being as taught and elucidated by John W Doorly on the basis of the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, the Textbook of Christian Science.

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