Extended historical and spiritual overview

The John W. Doorly Trust was set up to advance the teachings of John W Doorly by scientific and educational activities within the framework of a Christian ontology or Science of Being as established by Mary Baker Eddy (1821-1910) as “Christian Science” and further developed by John W Doorly (1878-1950) and his students, notably Dr. Max Kappeler (1910 – 2002). In accordance with the teachings of John W Doorly, and its Deed of Trust, The John W Doorly Trust focuses on the research of the Science of Being and its practice as a pure Science of Christianity. The objective of its work is to promote an awareness of a spiritual and scientific understanding of the fundamentally new conception of the world and of man as described by the Science of Being (and as it is beginning to develop in many areas of the sciences and the arts) and to make the same practicable for all levels of society.

To this end, the John W Doorly Trust maintains in safe keeping and distributes the works of John W. Doorly and cares for The John W Doorly Archive. The Trust may also engage in publishing and educational activities, and also pursue a constructive dialog between the conception of the world as described by the Science of Being and the worldviews of other scientific disciplines.

John W Doorly began his systematic and methodical studies and investigation of the Science of Being and its practice as a pure Science of Christianity as early as 1907. This took the form of studies in Christian Science – a designation chosen at the time by Mary Baker Eddy (1821-1910) to describe the Christian ontology discovered and elaborated by her, particularly in the period 1866-1910.

The Bible and the Christian Science Textbook “Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures” (by Mary Baker Eddy) provided the basis for John W Doorly’s research, teaching and publishing activities, and in consequence The John W Doorly Trust.

In the language of her day, Mary Baker Eddy states: “Most thinkers concede that Science is the law of God; that matter is not a law-maker; that man is not the author of Science, and that a phenomenon is chimerical, unless it be the manifestation of a fixed Principle whose noumenon is God and whose phenomenon is Science.” (from: Mary Baker Eddy, Miscellany, page 347 ff.).

In other words, everything is based on one fundamental axiomatic Principle of all Being – underlying all of existence like a fundamental law and first cause from which all other laws are derived, and which is self-declaring, self-operating, self-applying and self-understanding on all levels of consciousness or awareness.

It does this through the system of categorial symbols known as the fundamenal root notions of Being, that is, this Principle of Being is described in terms of seven synonymous aspects, four modes of operation and four dimensions (also known as “levels of consciousness); these categorial symbols are synonymous in the sense that they all refer to the one Principle of Being and at the same time each category describes a different aspect of the said Principle.

In her textbook “Science & Health with Key to the Scriptures”, Mary Baker Eddy elucidates: From the infinite One in Christian Science comes one Principle and its infinite idea, and with this infinitude come spiritual rules, laws, and their demonstration, […] (Page 112).

In an article entitled “The principle of spiritual synonymity – the foundation of the system of Christian Science” by Hanns-D. and Eva-M. von den Steinen, this is further specified as follows:

“The fundamental aspect of the above-described system of Christian Science is the synonymity of its categories. […] This synonymity is system-generating. The fundamental categories with their root notions form a network of law-governed interrelationships and references of meaning which present themselves through infinite ideas in very specific forms. The synonymity is fundamental for the infinite meanings arising from the ideas, that is, the elements of the system and their interrelationships within the system. […] Naturally, their infinite meanings are not equal; rather, depending on function, that is, on the place value of the statement in the respective context, their content is different. Otherwise there would be no need for different expressions. […] The equivalence does not refer to the content of the terms but rather to the core area which they all refer to, the weight which each of the root notions has within the system […]. As a result of the fact that the root notions have infinite meanings, there results an interplay of categories and ideas from within the interrelationships of the system and its laws; this is designated in Science & Health as the “divine infinite calculus”.

Infinite systems of meanings and laws form the spiritual structures and idea systems of Being. We can find them in the deep layers of the revealed texts as given in the Bible and the Textbook, for these revelatory books release their spiritual treasure as soon as their texts are scientifically interpreted using the framework of the system of synonymity immanent in these texts. The result will be the basic patterns of Being according to which the universe, the world, man and his life are infinitely individualized. These are the basic patterns of consciousness which need to be understood because they allow us to experience practically the unity and harmony of all of Being.

This required a deep and wide-ranging study and systematic and scientific text interpretation of the Bible and Science & Health. This task was effectively done by John W Doorly (London, England) for the Bible and Dr. Max Kappeler (Zürich, Switzerland) for Science & Health with Key to the Scriptures. Today, the symbolism in the Bible and Science & Health has become transparent to our understanding, thereby rendering the potent power of their spiritual statements practically applicable for all.

Author: Peter A.W. Rosenthal, Trustee of The John W. Doorly Trust (April 2010