Where to start

We are frequently asked by newcomers to the Science of Christian Science or to the writings of John Doorly and Peggy Brook where they should start when viewing the slightly overwhelming list of available publications shown on our website.

We have therefore compiled a short list below which should in no way be seen as compulsory, but simply an attempt to guide and assist.

We suggest that the following books be read in no particular order. These publications provide a very good grounding to the understanding of the pure Science of Christian Science and to how the structure and system of Christian Science unfolded and developed in John Doorly’s thinking.

    • The Science of Christian Science – Zurich Talks by John W. Doorly (new publication)
    • John W. Doorly and the Scientific Evolution of Christian Science by Peggy M Brook
    • God and Science by John W Doorly
    • Synonym booklets by Peggy M Brook
    • The True and False Records of Creation (Vol. I of the Bible Talks) by John W Doorly

Once the student has read these books he will have gained a good basic understanding of the pure Science of Christian Science and thereafter John Doorly’s Bible Talks (Vols. II-IX) should provide much spiritual sustenance as the student works his way progressively through these.

* * *

Another question that we are asked is if we have a list of practitioners or advice on healing. John Doorly and those who followed after him have all advocated that we will become our own practitioners through our understanding of the structure and system of the pure Science of Christian Science. In this respect therefore we do not have a list of practitioners and every person’s demonstration is absolutely individual. Mary Baker Eddy writes in Christian Healing: “Because God is the Principle of Christian healing, we must understand in part this divine Principle, or we cannot demonstrate it in part” (3: 21-23).

A wonderfully clear booklet on the subject of healing was written by Peggy M Brook entitled “Scientific Healing Today”.

In this booklet, Peggy Brook writes:

“We can become aware of this operation of the facts of being in a wider context. In reality there is only one infinite consciousness and we are all the working out of one universal plan. We may ask, Why should a particular difficulty appear on my horizon to be overcome? We hear of disasters, diseases, and tragedies of all kinds happening in the world; we either ignore them, deplore them, agonize over them or seek the answer to them in various ways, but they often remain somewhat objective to us until suddenly such a happening comes into our immediate lives and we are compelled to tackle it at close quarters. How do we then regard it from a spiritually scientific viewpoint? Instead of reverting to the personal system of reference, distressed and surprised that such a thing should happen to “me” or “mine,” we find ourselves looking at it from the standpoint of the one infinite consciousness. We see that in reality it is not only the divine plan of Love individualizing itself at the point where we are compelled to let the specific truth live for us, but also the means whereby we are being used to nullify this specific belief as it would claim to operate in the whole of human consciousness. The particular truth that comes to light is a universal scientific fact and therefore we are not primarily concerned with personal healing, but with becoming aware of the dynamic operation of this scientific fact as a universal truth at work everywhere. The identification of itself as “my” problem or as “his” or “her” or “their” problem is only the way in which Truth is seen to be individualizing itself to human sense, and when it claims to touch what we would call “our” identity or that of someone near to us, it arouses us to face up very actively to this universal error through consciousness of the specific truth that is knocking on our door.

“In this way we are always playing our part as the leaven of Truth at work in human consciousness, and in so doing we realize that we are never alone, working out personal problems in isolation, because we are entertaining and living universal scientific facts which have a mighty impact on universal illusions.

“We work in such a small and confined circle when we think we are faced with a personal problem. We may believe there is no way out and feel hedged in by going over the old ground of trying to apply spiritual truths to “me” and “my” life. But immediately we throw the problem out into a universal, scientific context, into the realization of the operation of one Science of being at work, we have room to “breathe,” so many personal interlaced ambiguities are loosened, and we see the situation clearly and powerfully through the lens of Science. And in doing this we bless the whole world.

“In this connection one has often heard the cry, “I can see the spiritual truth about others and can help them, but I cannot help myself” or, contrariwise, “I can see how I can help myself, but I do not see how I can help others.” In either case, this is again the result of believing in a personal basis of existence, reckoning with a universe composed of “me,” “you,” “he,” “she,” and so on. There is, in reality, only one consciousness, one manifestation, one identity. The Principle of all being manifests itself as infinite ideas. These ideas exist as real entities in their own right and are reflected as endless individual expressions of the one Principle. They are never absorbed nor embedded in a mortal personality. From the standpoint of absolute Science, one cannot speak of “my” intelligence, or “your” substance, “his” or “her” spiritual sense, for instance, as if one could cut off a portion of being, hold it in a container, and then define it in terms of a specific personal concept of existence. In acknowledging the truth of man as idea we cannot be conscious of intelligence, for example, without recognizing the one infinite intelligence to be the natural expression of all. The absolute spiritual fact is that it is impossible for one individual expression to manifest less or more intelligence than another. True, intelligence is always being expressed individually and therefore uniquely, but it is never anything else, but the one infinite intelligence expressing itself, because there is no other intelligence, and the more we acknowledge this fact, the more we experience it.”

(“Scientific Healing Today” is available from our online shop and as a free download).

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