About John W Doorly

A science must continually unfold and Christian Science is no exception. The line of light has always moved progressively onward and grown brighter. The works given in this website present a significant and vital step forward in the developing understanding of this vast subject, as a pure spiritual Science.

John W Doorly

JOHN W. DOORLY, C.S.B. London, England (1878-1950) was a well known Christian Science teacher, lecturer and practitioner for many years. He became a pioneer in the Christian Science field, being the first to discern and elucidate as a whole what constitutes the fundamentals of the pure Science and system of Mary Baker Eddy’s discovery.

John W. Doorly was an Englishman, born in the island of Barbados in the British West Indies. He emigrated to the United States when he was a young man, and there he became deeply interested in the teachings of Christian Science. He joined its church and in a comparatively short while became a Christian Science practitioner and went on to become a teacher in the Movement in 1910. He taught and practiced Christian Science for over 47 years. He loved the healing practice and was noted for it. During fifteen years of this time he lectured for the Christian Science organization all over the world and was at one time President of The Mother Church in Boston, Mass, USA.

Feeling deeply that there was much more to be seen regarding the nature and essence of the pure Science of Christian Science, in 1929 John W. Doorly left the Board of Lectureship in order to devote himself to a deeper research into the teachings of Christian Science.

He had seen for some time the importance of the synonymous terms that Mary Baker Eddy had given to God (see Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures 465:8-10) and also that there was an ordered way to spiritual understanding as symbolized through the days of creation in Genesis and in the third degree of “Understanding” on page 116 of the Christian Science textbook, but in the 1930’s and 1940’s his researches of the Bible and Science and Health revealed to him the relationship between each of these ordered categories and also how this sevenfold nature of Being operated in a divine infinite calculus (see S.& H. 520:14-15). The recognition and developing understanding of these fundamentals enabled him to use Mary Baker Eddy’s “Key to the Scriptures” in Science and Health to unlock the Bible as a whole, Book by Book, revealing the timeless Science of being symbolized throughout its pages. This has proved to be a revolutionary and unique contribution to Bible study.

Eventually these progressive spiritual and scientific conclusions regarding the Science of Christian Science – though based solely on the Bible and the Christian Science textbook – compelled John Doorly to study, teach and practice Christian Science outside the confines of Church organization. He then shared his findings through regular lecture series in London, talks in various major cities in the U.K. and in Zurich, Switzerland, also Summer Schools in Oxford, and through his books. John W. Doorly never formed any organization, but as a result of his work, many progressive developments have taken place along the lines of the Science of Christian Science. Students have gone forward individually in the understanding of the spiritual and scientific fundamentals of this subject, resulting in the spontaneous formation of study groups, the giving of talks and Summer Schools, and the writing of books all based on the Principle of Being operating in its Science and system. It has also given a new and positive basis for healing – going out from the understanding of scientific and spiritual fundamentals and their natural operation. It has also opened the door to the intelligent discernment of one Principle at work, not only in human history but in all life experience, interpreting it from the great living fundamentals of the Science of all being.