Periodicals in our Archive

The following historical periodicals in The Archive of The John W Doorly Trust are offered for online study and reading as they comprise many articles and insights still as valid and valuable today as they were at the time of publication.

The offering will eventually cover all issues of the periodical concerned – from the first to the last issue. This also permits readers to gain a sense of the development manifesting itself during the life of such a periodical.

The periodicals are:

Metaphysical Notes (1947 -1951)

This periodical endeavoured to lead thought towards meeting the demand for the “forward step of spiritual revolutionary thinking towards a new era, where the Science of God, and man is understood and demonstrated with more power and certainty than any science we have touched as yet” (Metaphysical Notes, Vol. 1, No. 1 Feb, 1947)

All volumes available for online reading/download

Ideas of Today 1951 – 1977

The purpose of this periodical was to draw attention to the spiritual forces underlying every branch of progressive thought and activity, and to identify the Principle and system by which they work. (Ideas of Today Vo. 1, No. 2 Jul 1951)

Volumes 1 – 10 available – more in preparation

All files are fully searchable.

“News Items” (1951 – 1996)

This periodical served as regular information bulletin about forthcoming classes, seminars, summer schools, reports on such classes and summer schools, new books, etc. Naturally, this information is a very significant historical record of these various activities during that period and the important efforts undertaken by many students of the Science of Christian Science; many issues come with thought.provoking leader articles by a wide range of authors including Peggy M Brook, Gordon Brown, Max Kappeler, John Morgan a.o.

All issues available for online reading / download

All files are fully searchable

News Items Nos. 1 to 50

News Items Nos. 51 to 100

News Items Nos. 101 to 135

The Corner-Stone (1989 – 1994)

The aim of The Corner-Stone was to publish articles whose spiritual foundations are in the Science of Christianity. “There are diversities of gifts, but the same Spirit” (I Cor 12:4). ‘It has been said, and truly, that Christianity must be Science, and Science must be Christianity, else one or the other is false and useless; but neither is unimportant or untrue and they are alike in demonstration” (Science and Health).

The Corner-Stone Vol.1 No. 1

More in preparation.

Science Vast (1996 – 1998)

Science Vast published articles […] relating to the pure Science of Christian Science.

[…] One is impressed with the realization that a consistent, vast, spiritual Science lying behind man and the whole universe was being discovered by [Mary Baker Eddy] and which could only be interpreted by the very Principle of the Science itself which was being revealed. (Peggy M. Brook, Science Vast in Science Vast, Issue 1, Nov 1996)

3 Issues, all available for online reading/download.