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Series of Booklets on the Sevenfold Nature of God

These booklets are based on talks given by Peggy Brook which were prompted by the desire to share not so much a study of the synonymous terms for God as given in the Christian Science textbook, but rather what this divine nature feels like when it lives itself in our human experience. Hence the series starts with Love.
(7 Booklets)

God’s Nature as Love (No. 1)
The warmth, the tenderness, and the all-encompassing nature of Love are unfolded in an ordered way with the background of the 23rd Psalm.

God’s Nature as Truth (No. 2)
The dynamic, rocklike, and irresistible nature of Truth is presented with the background of the Song of Moses in Deuteronomy.

God’s Nature as Life (No. 3)
The abundant, limitless, and purely spiritual nature of Life as the inspiration and essence of all being is expressed with the background of the Lord’s Prayer as a living example of the fatherhood of God.

God’s Nature as Principle (No. 4)
The purely scientific nature of divine Principle is set forth in its operation as spiritual law, order, rule. system, method, form, and design. Psalm 46 is the background of this presentation.

God’s Nature as Soul (No. 5)
Soul as the one spiritual identity of man and the universe is described in its beauty, tangibility, and definiteness. This booklet also touches upon the truth about the five physical senses. Its background is the Magnificat from the Gospel of Luke.

God’s Nature as Spirit (No. 6)
The naturalness of accepting Spirit as the fundamental substance and nature of the universe is put forward. This booklet takes as its background seven clear and dynamic statements of Jesus about the allness of Spirit, recorded in the Gospel of John.

God’s Nature as Mind (No. 7)
Against the background of the seven days of creation in Genesis this booklet considers Mind as “the primal intelligence that lies behind the whole universe and which manifests itself in ideas that are the ‘power units’ of being”.

(These booklets range from 40-60 pages)

John W Doorly and the Scientific Evolution of Christian Science

A simple, straightforward account of how the advancing idea of the pure Science of Christian Science dawned on consciousness. It emphasizes the irresistibility of the spiritual and scientific unfoldment and relates the outstanding pioneer work of John W Doorly in this natural evolution.

The book is in two parts.
Part 1 gives a brief history of John W Doorly.
Part 2, which comprises the main body of the book, traces in a simple and clear way the unfolding revelation of the fundamentals of the pure Science of Christian Science as it came to John W Doorly.

Many have found this book of great help in painting the picture of this progressive development and in introducing this subject to others.

198 pages

Also available in German from Kappeler Institut fur die Wissenschaft e.V. Berlin. Please see Contact page for details.

A Study of the Fundamentals of Christian Science

By Peggy M Brook, Clifford B Stamp, Dennis B Thomas, Yvonne Werner.

A systematically arranged and simple guide that appeals to the heart as well as the mind. It presents in a living way, step by step, the fundamentals of Christian Science as outlined in the days of creation in Genesis, the seven synonymous terms for God, and the four aspects of the Word, the Christ, Christianity, and Science.

192 pages

The Divine Infinite Calculus

A booklet that presents the operation of the Word, the Christ, Christianity, and Science in a way that makes this infinite calculus live for the reader.

Booklet, 52 pages

Scientific Healing Today

This booklet gives a revolutionary standpoint of healing whereby it is seen that Truth always has the initiative in every situation. Behind every experience – no matter how it presents itself spiritual sense can discern the impulsion of Truth unfolding a specific new facet of man’s true and harmonious identity. The acceptance and understanding of this results in healing.

Booklet, 12 pages

The Bible as our Life – Book

I An interpretation of twenty-four well known stories in the Old Testament from Genesis to Ruth. These are taken symbolically and seen as illustrations of universal spiritual ideas forever in operation. Therefore, the reader can recognize his own experience in each story. It is we who are being led out of an Adamic sense of creation through the light of the divine Mind; we are ‘Noah’ building an ark of spiritual understanding that saves us from the floods of materialism; it is we who are making the journey to find our true identity in the ‘promised land’ even as the children of Israel did. Using the “Key to the Scriptures” in Science and Health, this booklet is written in a terminology that can be understood by anyone who is prepared to view the Scriptures in this new light.

163 pages

The Bible as our Life – Book II

This second book of “The Bible as our Life” continues the interpretation of Bible stories from the point where the first book ended. Book II contains twenty-seven well known stories from the fourth thousand-year period of the Bible – the Kingdom period or prophetic age – beginning with the birth of Samuel the prophet and ending with the Book of Esther. Written in general terminology these stories of Samuel, Saul, David. Solomon, Elijah and Elisha, the kingdoms of Judah and Israel etc., are elucidated in the light of every man’s experience as he allows the spiritual Principle of being to interpret and demonstrate his life, rather than succumbing to the mortal and limited impulsion of a personal sense of existence.

Clear and understandable to any spiritual seeker, these two books present a new sense of the Bible as our life.

184 pages

The True Church – The Structure of Truth and Love

This booklet takes the various forms of “church” and their counterfeits that have appeared throughout the Bible. The form changes but the spiritual structure remains the same. This eternal “structure of Truth and Love” (S & H 583: 12) is shown to be the basic and universal form of the true church made manifest in every individual consciously moving as idea in the harmony of the one Science.

This Science of being is the church of today.

Booklet 56 pages

From the Garden of Eden to the Promised Land

This summarizes in a fresh and living way and in the language of the synonymous terms for God, the spiritual meaning of the first three days of creation, depicting the nature of God as Mind, Spirit and Soul. It also takes their counterfeit in the Adam story, and the first three thousand-year periods of Bible history.

Booklet 32 pages

From the Promised land to the City Foursquare

A sequel to the above booklet, taking the fourth day of Principle and the fifth day of Life, their counterfeit in the Adam record and the corresponding fourth and fifth thousand year periods which conclude the Bible. The overall picture is that of oneness. This book shows the irresistible and harmonious workings of the divine Principle in our lives through its infinite calculus as illustrated in the fourth thousand year period in the Bible, dominated by the prophetic vision. There follows the New Testament, showing how the one Life lives us as it lived Jesus and the apostles, and concluding with an inspired summary of the Book of Revelation. These two works contribute much towards understanding the divine Science of the Scriptures and present the Book of Life as an ordered whole. They bring the Bible alive in a fresh way, identifying the great spiritual tones of Being that lie behind all creation.

Booklet, 106 pages

Talks on the Acts of the Apostles

An interpretation that emphasizes the spontaneity and dynamic flow of the spiritual facts that impelled the apostles through the operation of Principle, Mind, Soul, Spirit, Life, Truth, Love. It shows how the same power that impelled the missions of Peter and Paul and all the Apostles is at work in our lives today and how vital is true individuality in the universal spread of the Christ idea.

284 pages

Job – An Interpretation

This dramatic poem of Job is one of the oldest of Scriptural writings addressing the issues of ‘Why should a good man suffer, and why does the moral apparently have to suffer in order to realise final deliverance and freedom?’ Written in terminology understandable by any spiritual seeker, it takes the Book of Job as a story of man’s awakening to his immortal status.

Booklet 30 pages

The Threefold Essential Nature of God

In a talk given in 1950 by Peggy M Brook, the essence of which is contained in this early publication by herself, she talks about the subject of “Life, Truth and Love, because the idea of Life, Truth, and Love has been flooding my thought for some time now. […] You remember that Mrs Eddy states in the “Platform” of Christian Science in the chapter “Science of Being” that Life, Truth, and Love ‘express in divine Science the threefold, essential nature of the infinite’ (S&H 331: 32-1), and in all her writings she interprets the Person of God, the divine trinity, the essence of God’s nature, as Life, Truth, and Love. She says that ‘Life, Truth, and Love are the realities of divine Science” (S&H 298: 2-3). Mind, Spirit, and Soul lead us to an understanding of divine Principle, but Life, Truth, and Love are the essential nature of that Principle; moreover, when we touch and think from this essential nature, we are thinking and working in Science, because we are thinking out from Principle. We’re never really consciously working in Science until we do.”

Booklet 55 pages
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