Dr Max Kappeler

“In our journey there are many who are real go-getters. They see the value of the spiritual at all costs. I think of John Doorly as a real go-getter with that kind of temperament and I think of Max Kappeler in the same way. He’s a real go-getter spiritually with, […] that kind of temperament. And they […] will do anything for the spiritual idea. And I think of Mrs Eddy in the same way […] [John Doorly] took us and he drilled us, just like Moses drilled the Israelites in the wilderness, and he drilled us and drilled us in the divine system. He encouraged us to study the synonymous terms systematically and the fourfold order, and all the time it was unfolding and developing to him. But he drilled us in that wilderness really just as, you might say Max Kappeler in his generation is drilling in the wilderness. […] Drilling in the fundamentals of being so that you begin to live in this promised land of Science. It’s a new land and it’s a new land where spiritual values are seen to be Life itself. […] But it’s this Life, the Life divine, “Life in and of Spirit” that is the real Life and is the Life that moves in accoredance with the Science of being […].

Mrs Eddy says, “The education of the future will be instruction in spiritual Science against the material symbolic counterfeit sciences.” And I feel that a sample, an indication of that too, is the work that Max Kappeler has started in a real educational spiritual way. I’m always very, very interested in that and how it will develop and fulfill itself. […] The spiritual education is within ourselves and it’s a very real and living education that goes on within ourselves.”

From: Peggy M Brook, First Summer School on the Bible in September 1981 (Mickleton, Gloucestershire, England), Verbatim Manuscript in the Archive of The John W Doorly Trust (pp. 162, 208/209/259)

Dr. Max Kappeler from Zürich, Switzerland, was deeply touched by the teachings of Christian Science from a very young age and began to study independently and intensively the Textbook of Christian Science “Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures” by Mary Baker Eddy. This book was destined to become the guiding star of his life. During his studies at the University of Zürich he realised that this book had to be a very special kind of textbook. It was the textbook of a science but he could not see the science therein. He only sensed that it had to have something to do with the new concept of God defining God by the seven synonymous terms: Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, Love.

When he started to study Christian Science with John W Doorly, CSB, London, England, he became aware of the deep scope and significance of this definition of God. In 1937 he attended John W. Doorly’s class teaching as this promised insights and answers on the Science of Christian Science. John W Doorly taught the orders and the system of divine metaphysics and on this basis was able to spiritually unlock the Bible so that it can be understood.

Max Kappeler found his deep inner conviction most impressively confirmed that the synonyms for God had to be of the most fundamental significance for the teachings of Christian Science. As soon as a year later he was asked to participate in John W Doorly’s research team regarding a text analysis of the synonyms in the textbook.

As the Christian Science church organization in Boston did not permit free research and teaching, both John W Doorly and Max Kappeler were eventually excommunicated. This opened up the path for unrestricted work in research, teaching and practice, which right up to the present day has revealed time and again new insights into the depths of the infinite Science of Being, the Pure Science of Christian Science in the terms of John W Doorly.

The system of ontological principal categories discovered by John W Doorly from then on became the core area of all subsequent research. The sevenfold definition of the nature of God by those synonyms (Category I) was in due course of development seen through the 4 divine modes of operation (Category II) derived from the Holy City in the Book of Revelation in the Bible. These are the Word of Life, the Christ as the idea of Truth, the Christianity of Love, and the Science of the divine Principle of all being. These two categories were expanded by the further discovery of 4 levels of consciousness designated in the Textbook of Christian Science as Christian Science, absolute Christian Science, divine Science and Science itself. In this way the system of 15 fundamental root notions had revealed itself: the nature of God (7 synonyms), the diven modes of operation (4fold modus operandi) and the multidimensional impact range (4 levels of consciousness of infinite Science). Subsequently, it became clear that this system of the Science of Christian Science is indeed fundamental for all spiritual structures and laws that can be discovered in the texts of the Bible and the Textbook of Christian Science. The revelation led to the Model of Being showing all categories in their basic orders, and with their basic terms, as an overall unit.

After John W Doorly left this earthly scene in 1950, Max Kappeler proceeded without deviation along the path of pursuing clearly and straigthforwardly the scientific research and teaching methods of the Science of Christian Science as taught by John W Doorly on the basis of the Christian Science Textbook by Mary Baker Eddy and the Bible.

(The above text is very much indebted to the introduction to “Werkschau und Studienführer” (retrospective overview and study guide for the works of Dr. Max Kappeler, published in German only by Kappeler-Institut Publikationen, Zürich, in November 2000))

See also the website of the Kappeler Institute USA for his writings and recordings in the English language.

In addition to innumerable talks, classes, seminars and summer schools in Europe as well as USA, Dr. Max Kappeler published the results of his work in numerous books and publications in the English and German languages.

The works by Dr. Max Kappeler in the English language are now looked after and can be obtained from the Kappeler Institute USA who are also the present-day copyright owners of all Max Kappeler’s previously published writings and recordings in the English language.

However, Dr. Max Kappeler also left numerous publications and manuscripts in the German language that so far have never before been translated into the English language. The copyright for these original German language only publications and manuscripts is owned by the Kappeler Institute for the Science of Being (Germany and Switzerland).

With the permission of the Kappeler Institute for the Science of Being (Germany and Switzerland), some of those brochures, booklets and manuscripts never before translated into English will be offered here by The John W Doorly Trust for the first time ever in an English language translation for online study and pondering in deep and direct connection with the works of John W. Doorly, the Christian Science Textbook by Mary Baker Eddy and the Bible.

They are now available or online reading or download.

Selected original German language only works by Dr. Max Kappeler (Translated for the first time into the English language)

Fundamentals of a Christian Science Treatment

(Original German Title: Grundlagen einer christlich-wissenschaftlichen Behandlung (2003))