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A synopsys of the works of John W. Doorly, CSB are as listed below:

VERBATIM REPORT of John W Doorly’s Christian Science Pupils’ Association Meeting 1938 – John W Doorly

All that John Doorly shared with his pupils at this Meeting constituted a turning-point in the understanding of Christian Science. It was a clarion call for thought to cease regarding Christian Science mainly as a religion and advance to the discernment of what comprises the pure Science and system of this vast subject. All the seeds of the fundamental categories of this pure Science of being which later developed in their clarity and wholeness seem to have been planted here.

This Association address, given when John Doorly was still a Teacher in the Christian Science organization, speaks very dynamically and compellingly to the student, rousing him to open his thought to the pure Science of Christian Science and not be content with a limited, emotional sense of it and its ability just to heal and comfort human experience. John Doorly speaks of this as “approaching problems from the human … tilling the soil” and says, “all the time the destructive action of the human mind in the world today is so specific, so humanly scientific, that unless we oppose it with divine Science, we shall be lost.”

Published in 1990 this Report had never been made available to everyone before. Copies had only been loaned to the Association pupils. It is republished exactly as it appeared in 1938 merely with the addition of an explanatory “Foreword” and Mary Baker Eddy’s article “Principle and Practice” reproduced in full at the end.

A sincere student of Christian Science wrote, “The clarity with which John Doorly shows Mrs. Eddy’s scientific use for the synonymous terms for God, and indeed the whole scientific system as he sets it forth in that 1938 address was the breakthrough I needed.”

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This was the first book written by John Doorly after he began to see what constitutes the pure Science of Christian Science. In this book he puts forward what had come to him from his researches into the Christian Science textbook Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures – and outlines the fundamentals of the system of Christian Science.

This work is now in its third edition. It is a composite treatise, Part I gives a statement on Christian Science and its scientific metaphysics. Part II offers a syllabus for study of the fundamentals of Christian Science. Part III presents a short précis of the Book of Revelation, which John Doorly saw as embodying the whole Science of Christian Science in Biblical terminology and on which he gave many series of talks. Part IV consists of eight appendices which are very useful to the student of Christian Science, containing amongst other material a chronological list of page and line numbers in both Science and Health and Prose Works where a synonymous term for God or its use in combination with others appears; similarly there is a list for the Word, Christ, Christianity, and Science.

This is a comprehensive book, invaluable for any deep student of Christian Science.

THE PURE SCIENCE OF THE BIBLE (Lecture at Conway Hall, London) – John W. Doorly

In 1947 John Doorly gave a public lecture on the Science of the Bible in the Conway Hall, London. At this lecture he introduced the spiritually scientific interpretation of the Bible which had come to him from a study of the “Key to the Scriptures” in Science and Health.

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GOD AND SCIENCE – John W. Doorly

This was conceived as a non-sectarian treatise addressed to unbiased thinkers prepared to consider that there is a universal spiritual Science underlying the Bible and permeating all experience.

John Doorly wrote this book because he believed that there was a need to introduce the Science of Christian Science in an undenominational form. At that time there was a great seeking in the world for a way in which science and religion could be wedded, and indeed the search has continued unabated.

This book takes the days of creation at the beginning of the Bible and puts them forward as the fundamental “root notions of reality” for which the philosopher Leibnitz was searching. It then shows how these spiritual fundamentals appear throughout the Scriptures, constituting a universal, timeless Science of being, existing beyond creed and dogma, all-embracing in its appeal and essentially demonstrable. The familiar Old Testament stories of the creation, Adam and Eve, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses and Joshua take on a new meaning and importance when interpreted in this light.

Spiritual educators and thinkers have found God and Science deeply interesting and challenging.


Vol 1 The True and False Records of Creation (318p.)
Vol 2 Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph (394p.)
Vol 3 Moses (387p.)
Vol 4 Joshua, Judges, Ruth (234p.)
Vol 5 I and II Samuel (184p.)
Vol 6 I and II Kings (293p.)
Vol 7 Amos, Micah, Isaiah (528p.)
Vol 8 Ezekiel (322p.)
Vol 9 Daniel, Ezra, Nehemiah, Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi (412p.)

These Bible talks are unique in their approach to the Scriptures. They ushered in a new era of Bible study. Why should such a claim be made for them? Because – using Mary Baker Eddy’s “Key to the Scriptures” from her textbook of Christian Science – they present the spiritual and scientific structure of the Bible as one whole. Within this whole is revealed the overall pattern of man’s way of Life in the Science of being, the spiritual fundamentals of this Science appearing and reappearing as the governing factors in this living Scriptural story. Through this method the Bible is lifted out of merely historical or religious significance into a spiritually scientific textbook, illustrating eternal laws operative in every man’s experience.

The great spiritual fundamentals symbolized firstly by the days of creation in the opening chapter of Genesis, form the foundation of this interpretation, in accordance with Mary Baker Eddy’s words that “subsequent Bible revelation is coordinate with the Science of creation recorded in the first chapter of Genesis” (S.&H. 537:22-24). These fundamentals are defined in Christian Science as Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, Love. Moreover, they operate through a divine infinite calculus, in which these terms relate to define the eternal revelation of the Logos or Word of God, the translating power of the Christ, and the demonstration of universal Christianity, all moving in a timeless Science of being.

In this interpretation each day of creation is seen in its spiritual meaning to be the key to each thousand-year period in the Bible, so bearing out Peter’s statement that “one day is with the Lord as a thousand years” (11 Peter 3:8). This is not considered in a historical sense of “years” or “time”, but each period is seen to symbolize man’s life experience here and now.

These talks bring a new dimension to the Bible – a platform from which new vistas and further interpretations can unfold, based on an exact yet boundless spiritual Science. The volumes on this subject are revolutionary in their content, and yet are permeated with a warmth, a humanity and often a humour, that make them extremely readable and appealing.

These verbatim reports of Talks are available in nine volumes.


1948, Vol. 1 Hosea and Jeremiah (256p.)
1948, Vol. 2. Matthew and Revelation (253p.)
1949, Vol. 1. Matthew and Mark (260p.)
1949, Vol. 2. Luke and John (273p.)

These talks at John Doorly’s Oxford Summer Schools in 1948 and 1949 continue the same overall story of the Bible as given in his weekly talks on the Old Testament. The 1948 volumes embody profound interpretations of the two prophetic Books, Hosea and Jeremiah, and also a very clear exposition of the ordered operation of the spiritual idea as it moves through Matthew and Revelation.

The 1949 volumes on the four Gospels will always remain a landmark as an outstanding interpretation of these books. First, they arrest attention by showing how each of the four Gospels highlights a different standpoint, in line with the four sides of the city in Revelation: Matthew is written from the ordered unfolding standpoint of the Word of God, Mark from the dynamic Christ essence, Luke from the universal spirit of Christianity, and John from the oneness which characterizes Science. Secondly, the four Gospels are each viewed from the essential nature of the infinite as Life, Truth, and Love; this brings with it a depth of spiritual understanding and leaves a strong impression of Jesus’ unparalleled mission as the living proof of the eternal laws of spiritual Science – laws available to all in their power, exactness, and demonstration of universal Love


This subject index to the teaching of John Doorly on the fundamentals of Christian Science contained in his thirteen volumes of Talks on the Bible and his other works, has been compiled by Derek and Joyce Andreae and is a useful aid to the study of the basic issues of the Science of Christian Science as contained in these Talks.


(A verbatim report of talks on this subject)

This book is now in its fourth edition. It is a treatise which has met with much appreciation, respect, and love. In fact, many Christian Science practitioners have found that it has inspired, strengthened and enlarged their whole concept of healing.

John Doorly, after forty-seven years in the practice of Christian Science, gave a week’s series of talks on this subject in London in January 1950. These talks are profusely illustrated from his wide experience in healing, but he realized that a mere recital of healings is of little use unless the spiritual Principle of the Science which lies behind them is also elucidated. The first talk, therefore, sets forth one of the clearest explanations of the fundamentals of the divine system which he discerned in Mary Baker Eddy’s discovery. The remaining talks are based on the chapter “Christian Science Practice” in her textbook and consider it in detail from beginning to end, analyzing spiritually the various facets of healing which it presents.

A unique and basic feature brought out in these talks is the spiritual and scientific structure which lies behind the healing message of this chapter. It shows that the chapter not only deals with the daily practice of Christian Science – telling the practitioner and the patient how to uplift consciousness to the healing Truth – but also, on a higher level, that there is a divine order running throughout, based on the powerful operation of definite aspects of God’s nature as Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth and Love. It can be seen, for instance, how at the outset the great healing factors of being are impelled by Love and Mind – Love’s healing power calling forth the necessary mental attitudes of patient and practitioner; then the predominating accent changes to Truth and Mind, showing the essential healing elements of Truth, or the Christ; this is followed by an emphasis on Life and Soul, where Soul identifies the spiritual elements of the one Life. Finally, “Mental Treatment Illustrated” is seen to be permeated by the pure nature of Spirit reflecting the operation of infinite Love, Truth, Life.

In line with this interpretation, many instances of Jesus’ marvellous healing work are related all through this book, as well as the copious illustrations from John Doorly’s own healing practice.

This is a work which students of Christian Science have felt immensely blessed to have in their possession. (Also available in German)



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