The John W Doorly Trust

The John W Doorly Trust was formed in October, 1991 to take care of John W Doorly’s books and other publications of The Foundational Book Company, a company started by John W Doorly in 1946 to publish his writings and those of others on the pure Science of Christian Science.

In recent years this book company has been responsible only for the published works of John W Doorly and Peggy M. Brook – his secretary and assistant from 1937-1950 and sole director of the Foundational Book Company after his passing in 1950.

The other publications, by mutual consent, are now being produced independently by the authors concerned. This has avoided any sense of there being a headquarters for this literature. It trusts to the one divine Principle to guide each individual direct, and to be the sole uniting factor.

The books advertised on this website still bear the imprint of The Foundational Book Company as this company is now incorporated into the Trust. Added to this imprint on future publications will be the words “for The John W Doorly Trust”. All proceeds from the sale of the books go into the Trust, as it is officially accepted by the Charity Commission for England and Wales as a Charitable Trust.

The Trustees’ Annual Report and Accounts are available free of charge to the general public by application in writing to the address below.

In setting up this Trust we are not turning to human law as a protective instrument, but rather as a useful servant to take care of the publication of books and activities consequent upon the spiritual idea forever developing and fulfilling Mary Baker Eddy’s words at the end of No and Yes: “Let the Word have free course and be glorified. The people clamor to leave cradle and swaddling-clothes. The spiritual status is urging its highest demands on mortals, and material history is drawing to a close. Truth cannot be stereotyped; it unfoldeth forever” (45:24).

There is a point which perhaps it would be useful to mention here, namely, that from time to time The John W Doorly Trust receives donations and legacies very kindly given by students.

For those who might be contemplating such gifts, they should be donated to:

The John W Doorly Trust
21 Clockfield
Turners Hill,
RH10 4AR
West Sussex
United Kingdom

If you wish, donations can also be made securely by PayPal: